What is Over the Road Therapy

Over the Road Therapy (OTRT) is a counseling practice that offers video, chat, phone, and face-to-face counseling services to Georgia residents. People like long-haul truckers do not have access to traditional therapy, because they are always on the road. However, people like truckers are more prone to depression for several reasons, such as job stressors, tension at home, and spending plenty of time away from home. OTRT makes therapy available through a computer, tablet, or smartphone from a licensed counselor.

Who will be helping me?

Stephanie Headen is a licensed professional counselor who has both the passion and expertise to help people with anger issues, depression, and anxiety. As her practice grows, she will make sure you are aligned with the right therapist that can deliver the best results for you. If at any time you do not feel like your counselor is a good fit for you, Stephanie will work with you to find a fit in or outside the organization. She cares about every client’s well-being and keeps an active list of licensed therapists, including those with focus areas outside of OTRT’s scope.

Am I a candidate for teletherapy?

OTRT may be right for you if you are looking to find healthy coping strategies and wanting to improve your quality of life. OTRT specializes in helping people deal with stress, anxiety, depression, and anger.

OTR may not be the right solution in the following situations:
– You are having thoughts of hurting yourself or others
– You are a minor
– You are in crisis and need immediate help
– You have been diagnosed with a severe mental illness
– You are under court-ordered or mandated counseling
– You do not have a digital device or an internet connect

How long can I see my therapist?

Each person’s needs are different. Some people feel they get what they need within a few sessions, while others feel they need support for a longer period. This is totally up to you.

I worry about confidentiality. How do you protect my privacy?

OTRT uses TheraNest, a HIPAA compliant platform. All data in the system is encrypted and stored securely using Amazon Web Services. Amazon’s servers infrastructure is certified at the highest physical security.

What happens at my first appointment?

Prior to your first appointment, you will receive an email confirming your appointment with a request to complete the online patient forms before your first appointment. You and your therapist will review your information, discuss why you are seeking therapy, go over relevant information and go over your symptoms. The initial session is critical for creating a client-specific plan.

How much does therapy cost?

Therapy is a flat rate of $100 per session. In-person therapy often costs upwards of $150 per session. We use a simplified counseling pricing model, alleviating the bureaucracy associated with insurance or involving your employer.

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